Real Estate ES Richard Hopkinson agent

I highly recommend Richard as a real estate agent. He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and points out things you might not notice (the good and the bad). He’s very quick to get back to you when you have a question or concern. Patience? Richard has it, we had to bring our 3 year old twin daughters with us to look at up to 5 houses at a time and he never seemed annoyed or exhausted by their screaming! He’s a very likeable person which has made house hunting to be a pleasure. We are now in the closing stages in our process and Richard is great.

He is also the Realtor working with the owner of the house we have been renting and I can say he is great on that end of things as well. He is very respectful when it comes to our time to show this house.

I would definitely use him for both buying and selling

Oh and he puts himself in danger going into the scary basements and attics with spiders first! Thank you for that 🙂

— Eissac Soksail