In my continuing blog on Home Staging Tips for Quick Sale, I have focused in on specific areas covering: Curb Appeal, Walking up to and through the Front Door, and specific important rooms. Home Staging is undeniably important to selling your Home faster and for more money. The five senses of the Buyer(s) is so critical to the impression the Buyer(s) are left with when they leave your Home. You have a lot of control over their senses with the staging of your Home for sale.

Clutter and Personal are two (2) subjects that are not friendly to you in selling your home. I once had a 98 year old client who wanted to sell her home… she had 18 Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren and had pictures of them on every flat surface – including window sills, dining tables and bottom to top on the refrigerator. She ate meals in front of the TV and had pictures on the stand. All a Buyer would see and remember about her home was the very cute children. I have a current client who has a tenant that has so much clutter you literally cannot go into a room or close the door – the stuff is over my head. Now, both of these are extreme examples of my point, however no less true. De-Clutter and De-Personalize are absolutely critical parts to selling your Home quicker and for more money.

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