The front door is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your house. A beautiful entrance can transform the look of the entire home and is an essential component to creating curb appeal. Doors provide the opportunity for you to express your unique taste and style by allowing you to customize the entrance to your home.

Remodeling Projects With The Highest ROI

Even on a budget, you can give your entrance a makeover and transform an ordinary front door into something which welcomes guests from the moment they walk up.

The truth is, an entry door replacement is one of the most affordable and importantinvestments you can make in your home — one that will pay for itself many times over throughout the life of the door.

• Replace – While certainly the most expensive option, an elegant front door can set the tone for the home. Options from beautiful wood to industrial steel doors compliment the home’s architecture.

• Use Color – A dark, dingy front door doesn’t create a welcoming feel. Feel free to experiment with color and don’t shy away from bright or bold colors.

• Frame the Entrance – Use planters and rugs to frame your front door. Spring blooms and bright accents freshen up any entrance.

• Light it up – Beautiful sconces or lanterns can add interest as well as provide lighting. These design elements may be thoughtfully added to any entrance to replace old, glaring lights.

• Accessorize – The front door is the perfect place to hang the seasonal decorations. Don’t neglect your door throughout the rest of the year. The front door sets the tone for the home. If your door is showing its age or just boring, a simple makeover can add interest to any home. From color to staging, this weekend project will make any home more inviting.