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Are youthinking about selling your home? If so, you may be weighing the pros and consof working with a professional real estate agent. Let’s take a quick look atthree great reasons why you won’t want to handle the sale yourself.


You Won’t SaveAs Much As You Think


Let’s startwith the most common and obvious reason that homeowners try to handle theirhome sale: the cost. It’s true that selling your home using the services of areal estate professional isn’t going to be free. Depending on the value of yourhome, their commission might range from two to four or five percent of thefinal sale price. However, the entire reason you’re paying commission is thatyou’re contracting with a professional to do a job. Your real estate agent isthere to both share their experience and handle all of the tasks andresponsibilities with your sale. Without them, you’ll be responsible foreverything from creating an online listing for your property to figuring outhow to host an open house.


So while youmay believe you are saving money by not paying commission, you’re going to beburning a lot of your time. If you’re already busy in your career or as aparent, that may end up costing you more over the long run.


A ProfessionalAnd Objective Eye Is A Huge Plus


Objectivity isanother great reason to work with a real estate professional when selling yourhome. If you had to answer right now, would you say your home is better thanyour neighbor’s? Better than all the houses on your street, even? The majorityof home sellers do believe their home is “above average,” which is ofcourse statistically impossible.


When someonehas been the one painting, renovating and putting love into her home for solong, it is no surprise that she becomes attached to it. A real estate agent’sobjective eye can offer a nice dose of reality and help to keep the salemoving.


Many BuyersWill Automatically Avoid Owner Sales


Are you aprofessional salesperson? If not, do you have experience dealing with thepublic? Selling your home is a significant financial transaction in whichyou’re going to have to meet with buyers. Moreover, from their perspective,it’s likely that your home is not the only one they’re viewing. Many homebuyerswill prefer to work with a seller agent as they know the process will be smoothand professional rather than trying to negotiate directly with an owner.


These are justa few of the reasons you won’t want to go it alone when you sell your home. Formore information about local home sales, contact our real estate team today.

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